Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
Sneaky Pete's in Minnepolis Minnesota

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have been thinking lately of taking a couple vacations... So REady.. but have no $$ for real... trying to stack real high so I can have fun... My mom is going 2 London & Paris and I am so JELLLY!!! I wanna go... So i am thinking' bout my next destination... I want to see Kid Cudi in concert and I have 2 opportunities... I am so excited..That is my stress kinda makes me work harder thinking about it..I can be a lonely traveler going places by myself... which is cool cause I don't like waiting around for others all the time... So I am going 2 dedicated this Post 2 all the Lonely Loners out there... U can do Ish by yourself & accomplish things N your life... I haven't made it there yet but you have to start some where...

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