Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
Sneaky Pete's in Minnepolis Minnesota

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So in HOnor of HowFly Mania I'm doin DubMania... I want 2 do a Ustream and have been thinking about this for a while but I want to have viewers and not 0-1 viewers... so how do I get the viewers??? I don't want 2 just talk into the camera I want to do something fun that I enjoy & possible somebody else will enjoy... So I have been thinking about doing maybe a cooking show?? My friend said she wants 2 be a guest... GRAVY BABY... I think it would be fun.. get Twisted & goHam on Ustream... What do u think? Do you watch Ustreams, or do tinychat?... I love watching Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Wale & whoever else pop's up on twitter talkn bout they r ustream'n... it's just another way 2 see into your Life.. i give it 2 thumbs WAY UPPPPP... PoW.. Let me know what u think or what would be funny.. I'm not a Star/or any1.. Just a Regular Diva trying 2 do something different... (((N my Frankie voice))) HOLLLLLLLAAA!!!

Me Luv U Long Time

Howdy! I was just thinking Randomly like I always do of some words that are just funny but are normal to us ENGLISH speaking Americans... English isn't hard to learn but it is pretty complex because we say/spell/context of a word can be different but sound the same way..( ex. two,to,too) But here R sum words that I have picked up Being a internet sLoRe/ear's open Music Lover Diva/TwitHoneyBunny/everyday Human.. Yeah Buddy, GoHam (SouljaBoy coin'd it),PoW, OkBye, Boom, Soapy (ad n CreativeLoafingAtL), Yaye, AnyOrder, Chalk (throwbk), Coo, FTW, Ftswindle, Becky (my cuz were saying this like a couple yrs ago), OMG, LoL<-- u know those, & hella mo.. i can think but going 2 stop right there!!! Boom.. N that Order.. cause Life goes N anyOrder..