Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
Sneaky Pete's in Minnepolis Minnesota

Friday, February 12, 2010


If you don't know about it... I'M TELLING YOU!!! <--this shit is BANANAS!!! if you have a web cam.. your day's and nights have just got a little bit more interesting.. Hey, you can still use it even if you don't but people pass you up faster.. People are nosey and when you can see into someone else's world... You have Been ENLIGHTENED.. Be BANANAS.. But warning.. there is alotta Penile action & you know you run into your occasional Racist if you're a Beautiful Black Diva Like Me.. AnyOrder it's #2010 you can let it get to you or you can play with it like ME! ... LOve IT!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I feel like people write their own destiny's in their head but don't believe it until life goes in that order, which mite not be a good order. We can never predict the future we can only live life the way we want to live. Some people Push & Struggle harder then other's to get that Trophy, some are just handed the trophy because they have it like that, and some just kill & put you down to get their own PErSONAL Trophy. Are destiny is written before we are born and some humans are bright enough to take the path of non-selfishness & giving to the point were the SunShines on them in good or bad situations. No one ever said life was going to be easy, but living life with your heart open is the prescription that keeps most afloat in bad & good times. I believe some people don't realize how good their life is but decide to put there angry energy all on one thing. #ThatThing could be struggling but show's emotion in a totally different way, which in turn is interpreted by other's as being nonchalant & selfish when in turn person number 1 is selfish. All the therapy in the world and consulting can't turn your heart around, you have to have a self revelation that change's your mind forever and it will happen at the most least likely second of your life. Life is never guaranteed and we should love who Love & Love everyone on top of that. Fighting only makes the sorrow hurt. What if your loved one dies right after an argument? You never got to say sorry.. But in reality fighting is healthy but being selfish is not. When you let your guilt get to you, you die inside. But there is always brighter days ahead... Everyone goes through dark times and the thought of you dyeing due to your of selfishness should never cross your mind. You should want to change and tell your story to other's so that it could help someone else who is battling these types of ideation. Life is Life, keep Faith. You are here right now but you could be gone tomorrow. We are all here to serve a purpose, so Love one another not hate.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love MeN/Males/Guys/whatever you want to call them, I just never have a boyfriend. I guess from my growing up days I was never the "Cute Girl" & got rejected a couple of times (I asked this dude I liked to go to my prom & he told me a lame excuse) and I just have kinda written off being with anyone. Yeah, I have sampled a little bit while in college but when I thought it was true it wasn't. It just turned out to be a cheat'n dude who put me second and then my best friend turned lover then turned back to friend. That sucked a lot and took a lot of me to turn the situation all the way back around cause I had wrote him off for a minute.. But why stay mad.. I'm a Happy Go Lucky Diva.. Then there's that one guy who just spit's so much game in your ear to get you to be that one night stand.. You fall for it and think there is something but in reality he has a life on the other side of the hotel door.. BURRR!!! and don't you go be on your "Betty Shit" & bake him some birthday goodies and then send them to him through the mail & he drops you after that.. *Chuckle* Life is full of whatever.. I just don't dwell on it that hard, let it flow.. be Happy.. Have a Dam CRUSH!!!.. If it can really be taken there, don't force it, it could be #ThatThing... But for now I have a Crush.. I haven't had one in a while but I have one now & he is just so dam cute & has a accent **BLusH** I love foreigners & dude's with accents <--That's Zexy as HELL!!! But it's just a crush.. I will ask you if you want to come over for dinner.. I love cooking for other people. When the time is right I'll fall again but until then I have a CRUSH & I'm watch'n you... I don't celebrate V-Day but I will have a CRUSH AnyDay in AnyOrder :OP