Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
Sneaky Pete's in Minnepolis Minnesota

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Man on the Moon

I was so thrilled & honored to go to :The Great Hang Over Tour: it consisted of PacDav, BobbyRay aka BoB, Kid Cudi & Asher Roth... I so went to see Cudders (( Thrilling & fab Show)) & his light show for real but really enjoyed everyone who performed.. I wish 88-Keys would have been on that leg of the journey.. But I loved every minute.. from BoB & Asher Roth both jumping into the crowd (mind u the clearance from stage 2 crowd was a lil jump)...i L-ved every second of Cudders set.. the Light show was amazing.. ahhh... i enjoyed myself & i was in the front.. He came right in front of me light weight.. if that man in the wheelchair wouldn't have been there.. ughhh... whatever.. i was snapping pictures the whole time while chic's were goin Bananas try'n 2 grab him.. Listen I enjoyed myself.. I went SoloDolo & I got to see Mr.SoloDolo can't wait till i see him again... I still haven't seen Wale yet but soon..SoOn..

Here is a playlist of the concerts/shows i went to this place couple of months::

Devin the Dude
Vibe Soul Session (Young LA, TiearraMarie,JudyDexter, Rudy, Slim)
GreatHangOverTour (Asher,BoB,Cudi,PacDiv)
Big Sean
SneakerPimp's Atlanta (local Atl talent, Big Boi, GLC, Clark Kent)
Wiz Khalifa

*I enjoyed all of them but seeing Cudi was like the best treat out of all of them :0)

FunDay around AtLanta

Well In Honor of Tuesday Funday I thought i would post some pic's of some of the random Adventures I have embarked on in the last week... Me and my friend Haley have doved Tuesday the offical Funday of the week... ((SundayFunday??)) Every1 needs to relax during the week even if Humpday hasn't hit yet...Saturday I went to the Red Bull Soap Box Race & it was CRAZY... Crashes get the best points.. You never know what the city you live in offer's you until you get out & explore... Peace Love & Tranquility