Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
Sneaky Pete's in Minnepolis Minnesota

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sitting and waiting, paperwork in hand. Number called, approach gas station approved bullet proof glass slot window handover paperwork.. Process Process Process.. Go to another room... Yellow Room… The madness begins… Wait Wait Wait... Room full of Blacks, Blacks and the occasional White, Asian, Indian and oh So Ghetto BLACKS that don't know anything different… Kids runn'n wild … Mamma on the phone talk'n, shirt to small raisin so that you can see that classy Tramp Stamp, Dunks & Jordan's every where… Tattoo's all over the place, dirty miss matched kids, loud music blares from the phone as a child dances to "the Stanky Leg".. Mamma look like we at the club letting the kids get even wilder in a Public as Public gets location... Why you talk'n so Loud?? Country accents but we deep in the city … Oh! I forgot I'm in the South not the Midwest… Try'n to focus on these state approved funds that a college degree can't provide, but keep wait'n cause one day I can just give back and not have to wait in such a Public Place... Name called, is the wait OVER??… NopE! Schedule another appointment… when can I get that plastic?? I'm Hungry??...

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nature Bum

I love that I have friends that do different things so I can experience something different and out the box. My life goes in Anyorder and life might not be grand but sometimes you do have to live on the edge to know how your survival instincts will work. I know my life hasn't been stable lately, but I've been working to enBetter myself. I always have to remind my "Optimistic" "Pisces Ass" that things don't come fast even if you have been waiting 3 Years!! Do better then the day before!! But remember that you have to work for what you want in life.. It isn't just going to FaLL in your Lap.. Being in nature makes you realize that mother nature is everywhere in different forms. Don't disrespect her cause Karma is a BiTcH!!! I love nature and all the calm qualities it presents.. Thank you to Pagiel & Haley & Jessica for letting me come Surfing & Camping during you Spring Break Oh10! .. Good Times.. Good Friends.. Amazing Memories .. Chelsea .. you are a diva.. Thank You Halley for being a Fab diva & friend.. CAmping in the North Georgia Mountains is so Much fun even if I pass out.. (ugh..Yeah) I love all the random trips that happen and all the wonderful friends I make.. Making connections is import in life and remember.. They can happen AnyOrdEr.