Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
Sneaky Pete's in Minnepolis Minnesota

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twitter Crush

Sizzle your so Unpredictable, do you think love exist on the net? As a 2010 diva I'm just so virally unpredictable.. I can't manage my emotions so I tweet them away.. I fall in love with Avatar pic's (i'm unrealistic sometimes) but not just any.. There is like a certain Savvy personality that pops out of your twit feeds... YOu post music & youtubes & pictures & i'm just head over heels.. Would I feel the same way if I met you in REaL LIFE? Maybe.. I'm a pisces so I'm kinda flip flopESQ but as I get older I try to be more open minded.. I just wanna know am I kinda weird for falling this way? They say be more vocal but on the net people can be poser's so you mite think I'm a weird (i'm a good weirdo) ....I don't know.. I don't wanna twitSTOCK you cause that's just creepy... My time is open (I'm sure my followers can tell) but if I could iChat or Skype with you, my digital day would be fulfilled.. Your dreds (which I love men w/ dreds) are so dam cute & I can't resist wanting to pull them.. Ok.. that's enough.. no more thoughts of wanting to rub organic honey peanut butter all over you or rolling you up in a tortilla.. I'll go back to normal life searching for a job that will soon come fourth and living in my fantasy world that I live in alot in AnyOrder. - Sizzle

Friday, November 12, 2010


As I watch you prance your soft hoved spotty galloping ass across the Interstate it makes me flashback. Flashback to the time your distant cousin spiraled sideways against my car right before I saw your brother chill'n/running through a open field of deforestation. All these thoughts make me wonder if your worth a bong rip or should holding back in your presence be more accepting? I know you were here first but can I make you into a nice headband or even the most tasty of tasty STEW? I will let you dwindle on all of the above but remember... Life goes in AnyOrder so run a lil faster & stay away from headlights - Diva

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weekend I attended #A3C which is a annual Hip Hop music festival in Atlanta.. It has been going on since 2005 and this was my 2nd year in attendance except this year I volunteered since my budget won't allow me to afford such luxury's. I enjoyed volunteering.. I met some interesting Artist & popular people we all know and saw some AMAZING LeGENDS at WORK! I was so thrilled to see Jean Grea perform.. she is so DOPE! I would go through the list but I'll let my pictures do the talking...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

HoLd On!

I have just been over come with thoughts that I usually feel/over come on a monthly or what not basis... YOu need to HoLd ON! Like.. Why when you try to take it slow & feel a guy out it's a 1 day process that ends up with a night time lullaby? Back UP! actually.. HOL' UP! ..Why you gotta go in that direction.. Oh! and by the way.. I'm sober and try to feel a person out so I don't feel bad about going off on them cause I know them.. I have the POWER to back things up & say.. Hold on now.. but why does it have to come to that point.. It's kinda the same way with friends too.. Ya'll are buddy buddy for a milli years, always together even when apart but then when you get ultra close again.. THINGS CHANGE.. WTF.. It's like.. am I being the AssBag in this situation?.. NO, I'm not! I am being completely giving & that's why I am getting the shaft.. I've been Knifing it & you can tell.. Sometimes you do have to stop from daily life and just Hold On to what you got and progress from there. You don't always or in anyorder need to be in a relationship.. Like my friend Paige said "I'm trying to work on Me, i'm number 1". Great words from a wise diva and I take those words and translate them.. When you come on really strong too fast or just come on really strong it makes the other person want to pull back.. or at least me.. I'm a Pisces (it's hard for me to give a straight answer ) and truly believe everything I read about my Horoscope.. Life's a Boat ride that hasn't even left the dock.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wylin Cause I'm Young

Kid Cudi is on the cover of Complex Magazine this month and he discusses in his article his drug abuse and takes jab's at WALE!!! Man! I got "OH SO" emotional today when I discovered all this information out earlier today on twitter.. I got into some heated discussions and really was just hurt that wale and kid cudi are GOIN' IN on this level... Last month when I attended the Wale concert in Atlanta he took a small jab at Cudi with a 1 lined comment... I was surprised but was kinda like... he didn't mean it like that.. Ummmmmmmm... yeah... Check the article out ya'll!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wale/J.Cole Show #Atl

This was the best show I have seen PERIOD!!! Since I have lived in atlanta I have been to some great show's but Wale set it OFF!! His band UCB sounded amazing.. Everything was just so sound infused.. it was just beautifully amazing.. Wale's artist that he has been putting on a pedal-stole Fat Trel and Black Cobain showed what was up.. I've listened to them before but excited for there soon to be released mixtapes.. #boardofAdminstration .. but the made me feel like I didn't want to leave because I was going 2 be missing out..LoL.. I got my Attention Deficit CD signed... I'm so thankful & ecstatic.. J. Cole was zexy as hell & put on a great show..Yo Gotti popped up sang 5 star chic.. Cyhi da princ opened the show up .. pastor troy was chill'n in the audience w/ his wrestling belt .. Fat Trel & Black Cobain both did there thizzle on stage..LiL duval was doin his lil jigg on the side of the stage.. All together an Amazing show..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I went to a mobile phone free event t #KinATL & Jay Electronica, Big Boi, & Yelawolf performed w/9th wonder on the turntables..It was amazing & so was my drunken Rage-R's en-doused fall to Big Boi's classic "You Can Find Me in the A" ... That was a amazing event & I got cool Stuff. My highlight of the summer was going to Currensy's, "PiLot Talk" release party in Atl...Currensy, Nesby Phips, Big Krit & Haziq held it down. It was Hot and Amazing and.. and I got my Pilot Talk CD signed by Spitta himself.. After waiting and calling around to different disc shops for 3 weeks after it was released due to me not being able to find it.. I was a Happy Camper :0)