Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Regular Girl Relapse

I have had a Relapse... my mind jus has me thinking..I am 25.. am I were I need 2 be @ my age.. I'm not saying all 25 year olds but alot of 25 year olds have there dreams working for them right now.. I'm jus trying not to fall into the Trap of a daily MauiWowie user.. which isn't hard but when your broke alot of the times it doesn't happan.. I don't hav a man which doesn't really bother me cause Dudes Lie & do what they can 2 get you N there like swimWear.. But what about that 1 positive person.. R they suppose to turn your persepective around... I mean all these thoughts like hit me @ once.. 5 minutes ago & i had to Blog it out.. I'm 25 and not were I want to be but comfortable but trying to break that habit.. being comfortable only hurts me.. i get talks from my parents alot about Moving up N the world.. I'm trying MA!! But that big break isn't coming fast enough but I have hope & determantion just like these other 25 year olds that R doing it Real Nice right now.. Now Dudes..don't understand them.. they R emotional & wanna blog there emotions out on twitter (WHY)... I have taken 2 my personal space to ask this question which may never get answered... But I feel like the guys I meet and wanna have googlie eye's 4 figure it out & just wanna tell me B.S & beat.. yeah.. it's cool til i get all involved & find out down the line that they have sum1 else..Bummer.. which is why guys lie 2 me.. Be truthful.. I don't like HOLLA'RN @ guys cause I don't like rejection which is kinda like a fable.. Oh your so beautiful.. yadayadayada..ok but I don't have any1 who tells me that besides the random whoever... I have a dream of the type of WEIRDO that would make me happy but sumtimes my faith is just doom'd dreams that I could only imagine..I get lil messages about I wanna be with you from 17/18 year olds and above 30 dudes... the above 30 is cool but i'm a lil optimistic on older guys like 4 real.. why IDK... it iz what it iz... i can't get a dude my age... I dont know.. my questions will go unanswered & my Love 4 music just get's stronger cause it gets me through non-emotional thoughts of day 2 day ponder... yeah.. Toodles.. Sizzle

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