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Captain Morgan
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Monday, June 29, 2009

WizKhalifa video... I luv his tat's

Regular Girl Relapse

I have had a Relapse... my mind jus has me thinking..I am 25.. am I were I need 2 be @ my age.. I'm not saying all 25 year olds but alot of 25 year olds have there dreams working for them right now.. I'm jus trying not to fall into the Trap of a daily MauiWowie user.. which isn't hard but when your broke alot of the times it doesn't happan.. I don't hav a man which doesn't really bother me cause Dudes Lie & do what they can 2 get you N there like swimWear.. But what about that 1 positive person.. R they suppose to turn your persepective around... I mean all these thoughts like hit me @ once.. 5 minutes ago & i had to Blog it out.. I'm 25 and not were I want to be but comfortable but trying to break that habit.. being comfortable only hurts me.. i get talks from my parents alot about Moving up N the world.. I'm trying MA!! But that big break isn't coming fast enough but I have hope & determantion just like these other 25 year olds that R doing it Real Nice right now.. Now Dudes..don't understand them.. they R emotional & wanna blog there emotions out on twitter (WHY)... I have taken 2 my personal space to ask this question which may never get answered... But I feel like the guys I meet and wanna have googlie eye's 4 figure it out & just wanna tell me B.S & beat.. yeah.. it's cool til i get all involved & find out down the line that they have sum1 else..Bummer.. which is why guys lie 2 me.. Be truthful.. I don't like HOLLA'RN @ guys cause I don't like rejection which is kinda like a fable.. Oh your so beautiful.. yadayadayada..ok but I don't have any1 who tells me that besides the random whoever... I have a dream of the type of WEIRDO that would make me happy but sumtimes my faith is just doom'd dreams that I could only imagine..I get lil messages about I wanna be with you from 17/18 year olds and above 30 dudes... the above 30 is cool but i'm a lil optimistic on older guys like 4 real.. why IDK... it iz what it iz... i can't get a dude my age... I dont know.. my questions will go unanswered & my Love 4 music just get's stronger cause it gets me through non-emotional thoughts of day 2 day ponder... yeah.. Toodles.. Sizzle

Thursday, June 25, 2009

in Memory of a Legend: Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Moment of Silence... a Pop King is Gone.. his memory has been here even when he was alive and it is even stronger now that he has left this planet... He is the original MOON MAN.. R.I.P Michael Jackson!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Definition of a Diva..

-prima donna: a distinguished female

-A diva is a woman who is extremely talented

-Divas are strong, independent, pro-active women who are listened to when they speak, loved for their fiery spirits and respected

-a diva is a female version of a hustler

Regular Girl

I'm Back Like Cooked Crack!!! LoL... ok so as usual I have been doing my weekly observation of Live-Streams & my favorite by far is Wiz Khalifa... He loves his fans & be on his stream Chief'n & keep'n it 100 HUNNID!!! Luv's it... but as he streams & chats.. chic's b say'n i luv u & all that yadddah.. and the covo of what type of girls do u like started.. 1st he is like Money B4 Bitches... which I personally think this is so true.. Get yours n life before your ready 2 start being committed till then GET IT HOW U LIVE! anyOrder.. but anyway he was like "i like REgular Girls" & n a interview Kid Cudi did he said he likes "Plain Janes"... Yo so what makes these types of diva's.. is this particular chic like a book worm or addicted 2 the NET (oops did i giv myself away?) or is this the type of Diva that get's her own.. Has a job & hold'n it down.. not 2 overly all over u or sum1 who like's 2 hit the Maui Wowie?... I personally dnt think I am a Regular Plain Jane.. I'm a Diva/Dub/Sizzle/ I go n AnyOrder... every REgularPlainJane has their own TiCk & that's what makes them special... I want 2 do a live-stream but I don't think the time is right.. Timing is everything... for now I will stick 2 my occasional blogging, job searching, saving people's life's @ the public facility i work @ keep'n 2 myself.. newly founded Hip-Hop head Diva Self... N that ORder..


Dub Diva


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I HeaRt

My Following Twitter Happiness..

1) imcudi
-MInds so deep..luvs it..would love to have a convo w/ him

2) realwizkhalifa
- his laugh alone would have me cooking him Whatever he likes../ luvs his tat's..i wanna see all of them..

That's all..

oh and Wale... I think he zexy.. chalk every1 else... i think all 3 of the above & me need 2 have a party... we can have fun and Play TABOO...LoL...cheese!!!


I have been thinking lately of taking a couple vacations... So REady.. but have no $$ for real... trying to stack real high so I can have fun... My mom is going 2 London & Paris and I am so JELLLY!!! I wanna go... So i am thinking' bout my next destination... I want to see Kid Cudi in concert and I have 2 opportunities... I am so excited..That is my stress kinda makes me work harder thinking about it..I can be a lonely traveler going places by myself... which is cool cause I don't like waiting around for others all the time... So I am going 2 dedicated this Post 2 all the Lonely Loners out there... U can do Ish by yourself & accomplish things N your life... I haven't made it there yet but you have to start some where...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Man sometimes you just have 2 stop.. so u Pause.. i jus called N2 the Monicadanger show and gotta lil radio air time but i also figured out why I will never be able to be in radio cause i talk 2 long.. Pause.. Yeah I also need 2 chill & hav better communication...& not waste taxpayer's money & dont be rude(dumb things i hear believe if u knew me)... I am always nice.. u know I am a silent thinker & I think BiG.. But I wanted 2 dedicated this Pause worthy structure @ work that i call the devil structure... even if my hair isn't done i dnt wanna stand under it w/ the bucket dumping water ever 45 secs... ugh... but open your mind and Come N2 my world.. LoL..nice

"take you on a natural high Good Girls never give it up on the 1st night.."

My Wanna be Husband's Video..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My LIfeStyle.. I luv Hello Kitty..

puzzle I bought that I put 2gether while i was off that Maui Wowie.. LoL ..enjoy

My Current Favorite Music Rotation

So I am becoming  a Music head ever since I got my MacBook.. I went to the Sneaker Pimps Show in Atlanta last month.. (it was Amazing) & I saw ClarkKent using his Mac & got so inspired (i was thinking that i should become a dj..i hav 1 piece of .. i luv this computer but anyway Music.. I find new Mixtapes 2 download all the time & have discovered alot of new artist that aren't new via-TWITTER (dnt sleep on twizzler its that deal).. & also luv me sum Itunes.. music keeps me SANE..4 Real.. so here is my list.. i will update soon cause my list Always coTinues..

1. Kid Cudi : Luv me sum Cudder.. Daps & Pound.. I can write a post on him alone... I will

2. Wale : the Song Chill'n is the ISh! can't wait 4 his CD 2 drop.. 100 mile & Runn'n = Genius! Fav Jo'n (DC voice) Please Listen,  Good Girls, Bmore club Slam, Smilin (remix), W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E  .. all of the above.. i can let both the Cd's jus roll..

3. The Cool Kids = like Old School New School Flare.. I'm feel'n the Don Cannon induced Mixtape Gone Fishing

4. M.I.A : She is so RAdical & inspirational... Both her CD's pump me up.. Arular & Kala

5. Kanye : if u didn't feel 808's & heartbreak..slap yo self.. Lvs & Autotune 2 is a amazing Mixtape.. kanye is genius & makes the best Music Every all his CD's R banger's.. Shout out 2 Cudi cause he has that same influence I feel

6. Drake : Best I ever Had.. his game is so Sick... sings & raps what more can u ask 4

7. The-Dream : LoveHate & Love vs Money are 2 incredible cd's that can't b touched.. his lyrics are so personal & touching

8. Chrisette Michelle : Soulful sister.. LOve Epiphany.. i hav a video 2 it..i mite post it..tina will b pissed

9. 88-Keys : the Death of Adam is so different I luv it so MUCH.. i can't wait 2 see him N concert friday 6/5/09

10. Big Sean : lyric's R deep & flowful.. i luv his voice the words jus roll off his tongue..

My most recent itunes purchase/mixtape downloads:
#Wiz Khalifa: his voice is different I like it..its kinda like punk HipHop is that a Genre? (he is Zexy, luv his laugh, & he has hella tat's and they just make him even zexier!)

#Electrik Red : The-Dreams all girl Group.. still listening but they hav sum cool joints on the CD.. I'm feel'n it.. it's kinda empowering..

* this is all for now.. my rotation changes so I will Keep it up 2 date :0) Siz

My Sky Mite Fall

So.. if u couldn't tell I like 2 kind of quote my favorite music artist that I listen 2... if u can't tell I got ( yes got) a post for you.. Do I hav 2 use correct Grammer? My mom would say yes but... this is My Blog so it shouldn't matter.. @ least I think.. So I love to twitter and make up the craziest sayings.. My twitter consists of a Dub type dose of brainology.. (lol) I think so random throughout the day ..  My current saying.. Bitches..Biscuits.. Butta.. so your like what does that hav 2 do w/ anything.. it has everything 2 do w/ everything.. here is the flipped side of that saying.. Whips..Bitches..Butta.. i should record myself saying it cause it is truly funny... Today is not a random day but I did hav a convo w/ my fellow co-workers today about pets.. Now i'm not a huge fan of DOGs.. they r cute yes but they jus rub me the wrong way.. i didn't grow up w/ dogs so it's jus not a big thing 4 me.. but all my friends R dog lover's so I am n the wrong when I dnt wanna Luv a Dog.. Hol'up Hol'up Hol'up..we had pet hamsters & last a pet catfish (my co-workers said that is never thought of that)..yup.. as long as the dog isn't trying 2 attack me (it has happened a couple of times) I am cool w/ the animal.. cause that's what it is.. Human's R animals 2..LoL.. & Men R dogs. i look @ my roommates dog sumtimes and think your a dog.. jus like men..haha.. but what R Women? cause Wmn can b dwn right nasty, selfish, conceded (jus like men) & get what they want (not It's jus such a debatable subject.. I was watching Joe Budden's Live stream 2day they where hav a heated debate about holler'n @ women.. the difference btwn jus saying hello and being cordial & actually trying 2 Holler' yo girl let me get your number... doesn't happened 2 me alot @ all but my friends experience that.. I'm jus a different diva and should network more but sometimes I feel like i am jus looked @ as a sheltered sugar coated donut vs. vanilla glazed which is delicious & pop's when u see it.. I am told I am beautiful.. but what is that.. i'm not thin... kinda thick but fit..but the average (good looking man) isn't looking @ me they r Looking @ my neighbor that prob has her hair fly, skinner, but on the same dam level as me.. I guess Life comes that way.. U know my friends R like go & talk 2 them dnt wait for them 2 come 2 you.. but i'm like I guess.. I feel like i'm going 2 get rejected so why say anything @ all.. it takes alot for me 2 ask like personal questions if i haven't like hungout w/ you depending on the situation n that Order.. But enough of that.. I'm done ..I think.. I got another post that's more interesting then my inner Thoughts ;) dub