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Captain Morgan
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Regular Girl

I'm Back Like Cooked Crack!!! LoL... ok so as usual I have been doing my weekly observation of Live-Streams & my favorite by far is Wiz Khalifa... He loves his fans & be on his stream Chief'n & keep'n it 100 HUNNID!!! Luv's it... but as he streams & chats.. chic's b say'n i luv u & all that yadddah.. and the covo of what type of girls do u like started.. 1st he is like Money B4 Bitches... which I personally think this is so true.. Get yours n life before your ready 2 start being committed till then GET IT HOW U LIVE! anyOrder.. but anyway he was like "i like REgular Girls" & n a interview Kid Cudi did he said he likes "Plain Janes"... Yo so what makes these types of diva's.. is this particular chic like a book worm or addicted 2 the NET (oops did i giv myself away?) or is this the type of Diva that get's her own.. Has a job & hold'n it down.. not 2 overly all over u or sum1 who like's 2 hit the Maui Wowie?... I personally dnt think I am a Regular Plain Jane.. I'm a Diva/Dub/Sizzle/ I go n AnyOrder... every REgularPlainJane has their own TiCk & that's what makes them special... I want 2 do a live-stream but I don't think the time is right.. Timing is everything... for now I will stick 2 my occasional blogging, job searching, saving people's life's @ the public facility i work @ keep'n 2 myself.. newly founded Hip-Hop head Diva Self... N that ORder..


Dub Diva


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