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Captain Morgan
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Current Favorite Music Rotation

So I am becoming  a Music head ever since I got my MacBook.. I went to the Sneaker Pimps Show in Atlanta last month.. (it was Amazing) & I saw ClarkKent using his Mac & got so inspired (i was thinking that i should become a dj..i hav 1 piece of .. i luv this computer but anyway Music.. I find new Mixtapes 2 download all the time & have discovered alot of new artist that aren't new via-TWITTER (dnt sleep on twizzler its that deal).. & also luv me sum Itunes.. music keeps me SANE..4 Real.. so here is my list.. i will update soon cause my list Always coTinues..

1. Kid Cudi : Luv me sum Cudder.. Daps & Pound.. I can write a post on him alone... I will

2. Wale : the Song Chill'n is the ISh! can't wait 4 his CD 2 drop.. 100 mile & Runn'n = Genius! Fav Jo'n (DC voice) Please Listen,  Good Girls, Bmore club Slam, Smilin (remix), W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E  .. all of the above.. i can let both the Cd's jus roll..

3. The Cool Kids = like Old School New School Flare.. I'm feel'n the Don Cannon induced Mixtape Gone Fishing

4. M.I.A : She is so RAdical & inspirational... Both her CD's pump me up.. Arular & Kala

5. Kanye : if u didn't feel 808's & heartbreak..slap yo self.. Lvs & Autotune 2 is a amazing Mixtape.. kanye is genius & makes the best Music Every all his CD's R banger's.. Shout out 2 Cudi cause he has that same influence I feel

6. Drake : Best I ever Had.. his game is so Sick... sings & raps what more can u ask 4

7. The-Dream : LoveHate & Love vs Money are 2 incredible cd's that can't b touched.. his lyrics are so personal & touching

8. Chrisette Michelle : Soulful sister.. LOve Epiphany.. i hav a video 2 it..i mite post it..tina will b pissed

9. 88-Keys : the Death of Adam is so different I luv it so MUCH.. i can't wait 2 see him N concert friday 6/5/09

10. Big Sean : lyric's R deep & flowful.. i luv his voice the words jus roll off his tongue..

My most recent itunes purchase/mixtape downloads:
#Wiz Khalifa: his voice is different I like it..its kinda like punk HipHop is that a Genre? (he is Zexy, luv his laugh, & he has hella tat's and they just make him even zexier!)

#Electrik Red : The-Dreams all girl Group.. still listening but they hav sum cool joints on the CD.. I'm feel'n it.. it's kinda empowering..

* this is all for now.. my rotation changes so I will Keep it up 2 date :0) Siz

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