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Captain Morgan
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Sky Mite Fall

So.. if u couldn't tell I like 2 kind of quote my favorite music artist that I listen 2... if u can't tell I got ( yes got) a post for you.. Do I hav 2 use correct Grammer? My mom would say yes but... this is My Blog so it shouldn't matter.. @ least I think.. So I love to twitter and make up the craziest sayings.. My twitter consists of a Dub type dose of brainology.. (lol) I think so random throughout the day ..  My current saying.. Bitches..Biscuits.. Butta.. so your like what does that hav 2 do w/ anything.. it has everything 2 do w/ everything.. here is the flipped side of that saying.. Whips..Bitches..Butta.. i should record myself saying it cause it is truly funny... Today is not a random day but I did hav a convo w/ my fellow co-workers today about pets.. Now i'm not a huge fan of DOGs.. they r cute yes but they jus rub me the wrong way.. i didn't grow up w/ dogs so it's jus not a big thing 4 me.. but all my friends R dog lover's so I am n the wrong when I dnt wanna Luv a Dog.. Hol'up Hol'up Hol'up..we had pet hamsters & last a pet catfish (my co-workers said that is never thought of that)..yup.. as long as the dog isn't trying 2 attack me (it has happened a couple of times) I am cool w/ the animal.. cause that's what it is.. Human's R animals 2..LoL.. & Men R dogs. i look @ my roommates dog sumtimes and think your a dog.. jus like men..haha.. but what R Women? cause Wmn can b dwn right nasty, selfish, conceded (jus like men) & get what they want (not It's jus such a debatable subject.. I was watching Joe Budden's Live stream 2day they where hav a heated debate about holler'n @ women.. the difference btwn jus saying hello and being cordial & actually trying 2 Holler' yo girl let me get your number... doesn't happened 2 me alot @ all but my friends experience that.. I'm jus a different diva and should network more but sometimes I feel like i am jus looked @ as a sheltered sugar coated donut vs. vanilla glazed which is delicious & pop's when u see it.. I am told I am beautiful.. but what is that.. i'm not thin... kinda thick but fit..but the average (good looking man) isn't looking @ me they r Looking @ my neighbor that prob has her hair fly, skinner, but on the same dam level as me.. I guess Life comes that way.. U know my friends R like go & talk 2 them dnt wait for them 2 come 2 you.. but i'm like I guess.. I feel like i'm going 2 get rejected so why say anything @ all.. it takes alot for me 2 ask like personal questions if i haven't like hungout w/ you depending on the situation n that Order.. But enough of that.. I'm done ..I think.. I got another post that's more interesting then my inner Thoughts ;) dub

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