Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A3C Music Festival

Well if you can tell I haven't Scissored you guys lately, so I thought I would (in the words of Currensy) let the plane out the hanger and release some Sizzle'n thoughts from my mellow mind. I like to blog when I have the flow, I don't like to force a blog because when I have the flow it's just more heartfelt maybe thats why I'm not the most consistent blogger.. But I attended a 3 day music festival in Atlanta this weekend & it was amazing & powerful. It made me happy to live in AtL & experience great music. It was 3 days of Hip-Hop Bliss w/ artist from the West-South-MidWest-East- & it was just amazing mind indulging. It made me appreciate the fine art of Music. I mite just be talking about one genre but in Reality I have experienced the music scene so hard since I came down here in January so I am talking about hip-hop, rap, soul, alternative, pop & rock. These artist put their soul into there work and it show's. I love when a artist just feels the flow & is all over the place and put a 100% into there show. I noticed that I didn't appreciate 1 artist for real out of all the 3-days. The dude started off with "Girls if you have fire pu**y say MEOW" I was so turned off.. I don't care when male artist talk about F'kn or Pu**y but the way he operated it I was totally turned off by his whole 8 minute set. His music was good but he was just way to cocky & it showed... ugh.. Anyway.. I loved Currensy's performance! I was so into it HARD.. move'n, bobbin my head.. sing'n.. Currensy pointed to me @ 1 point during his song when the lyrics were "that fine dime right there". (LoL @ me) I felt his movement & love for his struggle/game.. Chip tha Ripper was amazing.. Loved Mike Baker the Bike Maker.. I started listening to his music after I randomly heard of him on twit & I started following him & listening to his music & I loved it.. It's a different Bay Area movement but it's so mind blowing & makes you grove (i sound old). I thought it was rude that people left out during his show then came back after his set.. Except change just like Obama.. I thought all the performers had their own *Swag* (sorry the word works) that's what makes a artist great & also being humble & wanting to reach out to everyone after a show.. That's Love & Dedication & I F'Ks with that.. I chatted with Currensy and Mike Baker the Bike maker and enjoyed ever second of it.. they both reached out to me and said they saw really out there enjoying the show and were thankful (in Spitta's side he was sorry for messing up..I loved was Epic).. they were both totally appreciative and threw me love for feeling there movement. I don't know these people but I feel like I do & especially when they reach out even more or make a effort to chat even if you don't have anytime.... All the male's I listen to are my BF's.. I just don't know them, I live through there voices (cudders ;))..They always have a piece of 'Dubs' heart

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